Resolution: Finish a Game

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This is not the first time I’ve resolved to complete a video game project within a calendar year, but I have a good feeling about this being the year I actually do it. A smaller project scope and the advantage of lessons learned should give me a leg up on my past self.

I am looking to make a twin-stick mobile game inspired by one of my favorites: Solomon’s Keep by Raptisoft.

To be successful, I’ll need to pick a visual style that compliments my abysmal artistic abilites. I stumbled across a few posts by a developer who has achieved a unique look that I quite like: Ultra Hell. Following this as an example, I’d like to make use of simple geometries with some customized post processing and particle effects to come up with my own thing.

The playable ‘game’ in this post shows my first crack at building controls for multiple platforms (WebGL gets a mouse + keyboard setup). The bloom post processing effect doesn’t seem to be supported in WebGL Builds, but shows up for PC/Mobile

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